About Us

Heroic Deli was launched in December 2018 by Adam Fleischman, the founder of Umami Burger, 800 Degree Pizza and Cold Cocked Coffee; and Jeffrey Merrihue, his famous eating partner who founded XtremeFoodies and has eaten at all 135 of The World's 50 Best Restaurants awarded since 2005. Together, they are re-imagining the Italian sandwich, which hasn't changed since 1902 when Giovanni Amato launched his

The Signature OMG sandwich is made with imported Italian Prosciutto, Coppa, Porchetta, Salame Mortadella, smoked mozzarella and fresh California produce, served on bread baked daily and toasted fresh for each order. Truffle mayo and house-made giardiniera complete a truly Heroic experience.

The rest of the menu features a variety of other sandwiches, soups, salads and sides that will please vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores respectively.

To top things off - adventurers adore our freshly blended spicy, Calabrian chile sauce.